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January 05, 2006



Great entry, Devin...

I remember the good old days of watching my brothers' band. They played Deep Ellum several times (Trees, Deep Ellum Live), but the scene down there was much different then.

In the early-to-mid-nineties, it was all about the music. And love. And amity.

Naturally, based on where I lived, I tended to habituate FW dives. The Aardvark (nee: The Hop), The Mad Hatter's, Garage Cafe, etc. Great places all, though the Aardvark is the only one left standing, I think.

But let's get to the larger problem - the true bugaboo: Local music, while making a nice comeback, effing sucked for a while. Once the Toadies and Tripping Daisy "made it" (both good bands), artists like pop poppins, Digbees, and even the mellow yet extremely talented Brad Thompson found themselves locked out by Tom, Dick, and Harry and their wannabe grunge sound.

Wow... I cannot believe I just wrote all that. I planned on just saying "Hello".


I couldn't agree more, and it makes me so sad that there is no decent place to go and hear local music anymore. The venues are not much better here in Denton, with Rick's gone and the Groovy Mule (not that it was ever a great music venue, but hey it was something) being the location of some wrestling venue now. There really is no great place in Denton to go. Then when Fry Street Fair went away...well that was a sad sad day indeed.

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I'd like to think it was a gradual sloping off of the coolness factor, but the truth is the climate of the district changed a lot in the mid-1990s. Bring me your tired cliches of crime, gangs and hooliganism, your yearning to return to a simpler time. You know the story -- the Dallas Observer has chronicled the Decline of Deep Ellum for the last 20 years. Hell, I remember a cover story in the Observer as far back as 1991, claiming the current residents were fearful that the higher dollar developers were invading Ellum and stealing its soul.

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