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January 06, 2006



I was searching for a forum for this, and I suppose this may be the best.

The people that own Fat Daddy's are trying to re-open Trees. Trees once was an amazing venue known for some pretty amazing events. (we've all obviously seen the nirvana video). While they were open only 11 years, in that short time they became one of Dallas' premiere venues.

My fear is the owners of Fat Daddy's will turn this club into an all age venue that only attracts 13-16 year olds. Yes, music is for everyone but when you start catering to the kids you completely eliminate anyone over 16. Deep Ellum Society realized this and hence the 21 up policy. I realize the main reason for 21 up is to eliminate loitering. Fat Daddy's argument is their crowd does not loiter. I ask them why their crowd would be any different than the rest of the underage crowd. I personally love The Door, but if you drive by The Door Thursday-Saturday there are always tons of kids sitting outside. WE DO NEED TO GET PEOPLE BACK IN THE STREETS OF DEEP ELLUM but does it need to be a large group of pre-teens to teens standing around at all hours of the night. How does a large surplus of minors help any body else in Deep Ellum?

The music in Deep Ellum was once cutting edge. There was a time when artist like Tripping Daisy, The Toadies, Rev. Horton Heat, Bowling for Soup, and many more were completely unknown. These bands all have different styles. Unfortunately the bookers for fat daddy’s have historically booked one genre of music. Does Deep Ellum need a place where only the most popular genres play? Well of course, and there are tons of venues for it. However, should Trees be that venue? Fat Daddy’s has become known for playing emo, screamo, whino, or any other deviation of what MTV calls rock. Should this sound be the sound coming out of one of Dallas’ best venues?

Fat Daddy’s has already offered corporations an opportunity to advertise on the side of their building. The defense, “You may not know, but we are a mom and pop company”. Aren’t most of the venues in Deep Ellum “mom and pop companies"? In fact isn’t the only “corporate” owned nightlife venue Coyote Ugly? Corporations tricking the common visitor into thinking their ad is art, could only be described as ugly. If we can revitalize Deep Ellum, do we really need corporations advertising all over the walls?

Re-opening Trees is a wonderful idea. Doing it the wrong way is a terrible idea. I realize Fat Daddy’s is just trying to re-open a wonderful venue, and of course make a little money. But are they really helping Deep Ellum, or hurting it?


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