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September 26, 2005



For the record, I didn't spill to anybody. Congrats, you. =)



Congrats!!! :)


YAY! I don't have to keep a secret anymore!!


WOW. That explains a LOT.


Congrats Sugar:)


Congratulations. But to be truthful. I read it off of Mike G's blog.


She's a beautiful girl, and you know that I wish you both all the happiness in the world. May (my birthday month) will be here before you know it!

p.s. You are NOT a complete f*ck up. You are a wonderful man who deserves only the best, including love.

The Jewish Princess

I agree. You are a complete fuck up.


Want me to perform the ceremony?


Aaawwww...mazel tov, sweets!


Congrats, man. Bein' engaged is fun. WTG.


Hey Dev,
Karen and I send our warmest best wishes to you and future Mrs Pike. Let me know if you need beer for the reception. Or ball gags.


Keith Fletcher

Devin - Big time congrats. I made the trip down the plank myself on August 6th. Korey Beard sang, Jen James and Rob Buford were there representing DHS.
Looking back at our engagement/wedding/honeymoon experience, there's only a couple of things I'd do different. But they're major things. Let me know if you want to save yourself the trouble of looking and sounding like Nancy Kerrigan after being clubbed across the ankles.
Congrats again!


As mad as I can be at someone like you, who tosses others emotions aside recklessly, and as much as I agree with The Jewish Princess, I can't really wish ill of you, Devin. I've refrained from commenting for the past few weeks, but it's not my sorta style to hold on to a grudge forever. It's too mentally exhausting. As much as I'd like to hate you, I can't.

I just hope you do this woman right, and actually pay the attention to her that she deserves.



Wow! Congratulations... where have I been?

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