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June 09, 2005



Fudd's. bar none.


I can't believe I'm wasting this much time fantasizing about and, as a result, writing about french fries. Man, I need a hobby.

Jen is on the money - if "Fudd's" is a shorthand word for "Fuddruckers." Love me some Fuddruckers. :)

Devin, we now have about 6 places we need to go to lunch together, yet I have not received an invitational call. I wanna be the next Buckn'Loon-atic recorded in historical documents. What's a girl gotta do to get a lunch date around here? I'm not averse begging. ;)


For fast food fries, give me Wendy's.

As for the rest, I'll take Bobby V's any day. (I quit going to Buck 'n Loons when the service got way below the piss-poor level.)

Also, nothing wrong with the chili-cheese fries at your haunt: No Frills.


I have to go with the cheese fries @ No Frills

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