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November 15, 2003



that is so true on so many levels.... but ya can't tell me that with as much weirdness that the 80's had, a full featured 'A-Team' doesn't hold some type of interest?? I mean... I don't see a remake of "Battlestar Galactica"


I'm with you on some levels-- it's been nice to have the opportunity to see things available I've not seen in years-- Transformers on DVD. for example.

But Ugh!!! Covers are 95% BAD. I did like the Atari's cover of Henley's Boys of Summer- even though they change the line from "A Dead head sticker on a cadaliac" to "A Black Flag sticker..."

But-- ugh-- Sixpence none the richer-- oh they BUTCHER "Don't Dream It's Over". I've heard it live and it was even worse than the recorded version. And Sheryl Crow- much as I like her- should NOT be covering Guns N Roses...

And all this strawberry shortcake and Care bears and all this??? Noooo!!!! CPK's have been around for years though- they never left, just got really complicated for a while.


Actually, Sci-Fi is airing an updated version of Battlestar Galactica in December.


I always thought the 80's were pretty boring and ugly anyways. Same age (+/- 1 yr at most I believe) as you so went through most of the same crap, and as much as there are some good things from the 80's, there was ALOT of bad ugly crap.

::wonders who will play the next buck rogers::

i do miss the sagel twins, though.

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