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  • Avenue Q - The Internet Is For Porn

    The Internet Is For Porn
    Avenue Q: Avenue Q

    I've heard the hype about the puppets from 'Avenue Q' for a few months now. When I saw that the soundtrack had been added to the iTunes Music Store, I had to give it a listen. The whole damned thing is hysterical, and this song is the best of the bunch. (*****)

  • Seal - Waiting For You

    Waiting For You
    Seal: Seal IV

    I've always loved Seal, and his new album has a distinct classic Motown influence along with his amazing voice. The piano and bass riffs on this song drive the point home. (****)

  • Warren Zevon - "Keep Me In Your Heart"

    "Keep Me In Your Heart"
    Warren Zevon: The Wind

    The last song Zevon recorded for (what doctors have told him will be) his last album. The whole album is greatness, but this simple little song sums up what Zevon wanted to say before he goes. Enjoy every sandwich. (*****)


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One-Line Bio

I'm a writer who used to be a DJ, who might be a good person again.


Devin's Bio
By Marty
With help from Susan Maxwell-Skinner

I've only known Devin for about 15 minutes, so anything I say here is pure speculation.

Devin and I share a common love of Wrigley Field T-Shirts, although neither of us have ever been out of Tarrant County. Throughout the years Devin has been a DJ of great fame and infamy, with a reputation of bumping up your song for booze or cash.

We have gotten into more trouble than either of us care to remember - sometimes more than we can remember. Devin is the eternal friend you had in 4th grade. I mean that in a good way.

He has dated Anna Kournikova, Man Show Juggie Vanessa Kay, and that girl on the Mitsubishi commercial. Oh no, wait... he wants to date them. Sorry.

Devin owns a competing little league team which cheats, explaining their constant appearance in the regional T-Ball playoffs.

Devin's career goal is to someday invent a new class of bourbon which contains both alcohol and Advil, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of a hangover the next day.

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